Saturday, 6 September 2014

"Good Ideas" in 7 tweets

You can't learn a fact without learning a way how to learn. You can't learn how to learn without learning a fact. Indivisible.

While reading a story, a child asks a question. Adult and child talk. Child learns that reading can lead to interpretation.

 Child and adult on bus. Child asks question. Adult says, let's look that up when we get home. Child learns how and where.

Child collects some things. Child sorts into categories. Child learns how to compare and classify.

Child browses in library. Chooses. Finds one book good, one bad. Child learns about texts which offer interest or not.

Child is in a club or activity. Compares the club leader or instructor with teacher at school. Child compares teaching and learning methods.

Child makes something. Collapses. No talk of 'failure'. Discuss why. Child tries again. It works. Discuss why.

"Good Ideas, how to be your child's (and your own) best teacher" (John Murray) publ Sept 11