Friday 19 September 2014

New poem called 'Cows'…for you to try out soon?


We went for a walk

and we went past a farm

and on towards some woods

and past the woods

out to an empty sort of a place

and no one lived there

but there was a tower

and we walked up to the tower

and it was full of cows,

I figured that the cows

had run away from the farm

and were living in the tower.

It was a cow tower.

I was trying to work out

how the cows got to the top

of the tower when I saw

some doors open

and a cow walked out.

It was a lift,

the cows were using the lift,

and my dad said,

‘Phew, there’s a bit of a pong,

isn’t there?’

And I said, ‘That cow’s pressing

the wrong button.

It’s pressing the button

that keeps the doors open.

It’ll never go.’

My Dad said,
‘Good point, Mick.’