Thursday 4 December 2014

New poem: Airport

I was in a car to the airport. The couple I was

with had an agreement to help each other get


He said, ‘It’s in the bag I’m taking on board.’

She said, ‘It won’t go through security.’

He said, ‘This is the worst airport in the world.’

‘You’re doing it again,’ she said.

‘YOU’RE doing it again,’ he said.

The driver jammed on the brakes.

‘Bloody hell,’ said the husband, ‘that woman’s

got a death wish. Came straight out.’

‘Shush,’ said the woman, ‘you’re not driving.

Drop us off next to the trolleys,’ she added.

‘Drop us off next to the trolleys,’ said the


‘I’ve told him that,’ she said.

The driver drove past the sign:

‘Terminal set down’.

‘There!’ said the husband, ‘Terminal set down.’

‘I saw it already,’ said the driver.