Saturday 6 December 2014

Opening Conversations - a reading and talk at Goldsmiths Dec 10

Presented by the Department of English and Comparative Literature in association with the Goldsmiths Writers' Centre:

Michael Rosen (Professor of Children's Literature)

'Opening conversations - writing and beyond writing'

Michael Rosen has been writing for 50 years. Reflecting on this, he thinks it's all been about opening conversations with readers and listeners: children and adults he meets, who write to him and who talk to each other on social media. He will bring different kinds of his writing to this talk and discuss the different conversations they have triggered off - and compare them with the kinds of questions that children and students are asked within education.

10 December, 6pm, Ian Gulland Lecture Theatre

To reserve a place, apply to Maria Macdonald, WT 509
or telephone 020 7919 7436