Friday 10 April 2015

The Conjuror Returns and Arranges the Economy….

‘...Ladies and Gentlemen
let me show you something else.
You know and I know that conjuring
is often about distraction.
We entice you to watch one thing
while we are doing something else altogether.
So if I say, I would like you to keep your eyes
on what I’ve got here, you’re going to be
suspicious, aren’t you?
Well, I’ll try it all the same.
It’s a deficit. I want you to watch the deficit.
I am going to do all I possibly can to make
it disappear.
Now to do this I’m going to have to
move some money around over here.
Some people have a lot.
Some people have hardly any.
Will I be able to change that?
So, now you’re confused.
Are you watching the deficit
or are you watching the money?
Remember, if I don’t make the deficit disappear
I will have failed.
It’s getting a bit smaller...
I promised I would...
but, Ladies and Gentlemen
it would be true to say
I haven’t made it disappear.
Oh dear...
But Ladies and Gentlemen
what if that was all a ploy?
While you were watching the deficit
hoping to catch me out,
look what I did with the money over here.
I took money from those with hardly any
and gave it to those who have a lot.
And you didn’t notice,
because you were watching the deficit.
Well, Ladies and Gentlemen
I may not have made the deficit disappear
but I certainly moved the money.
I call that a success.
What do you think?
Thank you very much.
You’ve been a lovely audience.’