Thursday 9 April 2015

The Conjuror

...and the conjuror appeared

and said,

‘Ladies and Gentlemen, the art of conjuring

is to make things change before your very eyes

without you knowing how or why.

We show you things and in a flash

they disappear and reappear somewhere else

or reappear as something else altogether different.

Ladies and Gentlemen, watch closely, see

the fingers never leave the hand,

I want you to tell me what I have here:

Yes, it’s a banking crisis, a full-blooded

international banking crisis, thank you.

Now, watch closely, don’t take your eyes off it

and with no more than a moment of patter

look again and what do I have?

A crisis in government spending.

That, Ladies and Gentlemen

is what conjuring is all about.

Thank you very much.’