Monday 13 July 2015

Odysseus sails to the Isle of Urop and meets the horde of greedy men in long grey pants

…and then Odysseus and his men sailed on and came to the Island of Urop where a horde of greedy men wearing long grey pants fell upon them. 'Ithaca is a ruin,' they shouted, 'and we must have it.'
Odysseus and his men said, 'Be that as it may, but let us sit down, talk and eat hummus.'
The horde of greedy men said that they eschewed (not chewed) hummus and preferred the red blooded meat of Ithacans.
'Never!' cried Odysseus but went on supping with the horde.

12 hours later, the horde of greedy men owned Ithaca and Odysseus said he would return thither and tell the people that their dignity was assured.
"It will be better in Hades,' muttered one of the sailors.
'Nay,'said another, 'I liked being one of Circe's pigs. I got to quite like the acorns she gave us.'
'Just as well,' said another, 'because that's what we'll be eating when we get back.'

[to be continued]