Tuesday 21 July 2015

'People' didn't know about the Nazis in 1933. Apparently.

Thank you Newsnight for providing excuses for why it was possible for the Royal Family to have a larf doing Hitler salutes in 1933. Thank you Newsnight for not doing half an hour's research on what the left was saying about the Nazi party in the late 20s early 30s. Thank you Newsnight for not checking out what those monitoring anti-semitism were saying about the Nazis at that time.

Yes, there was a quick mumble about 'laws against trade unionists and Communists' (i.e. the Reichstag and 'Enabling' laws that were enacted in Feb and March 1933) but that was quickly diffused into how the Nazis were seen as the party of 'order'. Even in bourgeois democratic terms, what the Nazis did in those first two months was end democracy. Both guests seem to think that people wouldn't have really known about all this…

That's because the 'left' aren't 'people' in that version of history. There is only parliament and the privately owned mass circulation press. That is what they mean by 'people'.