Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Nicky Morgan does 'robust' testing. Robust? Do we need 'robust'?!

Nicky Morgan says the new tests for 7 year olds will be 'robust'

Here's an online entry for 'robust'



strong and healthy; vigorous.

"the Caplans are a robust, healthy lot"

synonyms: strong, vigorous, sturdy, tough, powerful, solid, muscular, sinewy, rugged, hardy, strapping, brawny, burly, husky, heavily built; healthy, fit, fighting fit, hale and hearty, lusty, in fine fettle; informalbeefy, hunky

"a large, robust man"

antonyms: frail, weak

(of an object) sturdy in construction.

"a robust metal cabinet"

synonyms: durable, resilient, tough, hardwearing, long-lasting, sturdy, strong

"these knives are robust"

(of a process, system, organization, etc.) able to withstand or overcome adverse conditions.

"California's robust property market"

Note from me: You'll notice none of these definitions includes 'useful', 'helpful', 'interesting', 'needed', 'popular', 'evidence-based', 'intellectually sound', 'based on well-thought-out intellectual principles', 'philosophically justifiable', or 'much in demand from those with an interest in the well-being of others'.