Thursday, 10 March 2016

Poem: I Was Born in the Stone Age

I was born in the Stone Age.

When I was at school,

we didn't have chairs or desks,

we sat on rocks,

and we didn't have paper or pens

so Miss used to say, 'Get out your rock'

and then we wrote on rocks with a smaller rock,

or what's called a 'stone'.

Then, I went home

and we didn't have TV in the Stone Age.

We just had a rock.

Mum used to put a rock on top of the rock

and we'd say, 'What's on the rock tonight, Mum?'

She'd say, 'A rock'.

And then we watched 'The Rock'.

We just stared at it for hours.

Then we went to bed.

Which was also a rock.

We just lay on a rock.

Then the Stone Age came to an end.

We woke up one morning and

everyone said, 'The Stone Age's finished.'

You can see that when you look at your timeline

on the wall of your classrooms.

There's The Stone Age.

That's at the beginning of everything. 

The Stone Age is at the start of your timeline

and the Stone Age begins with a line. 

Then comes the Stone Age.

Then there's a line at the end of the Stone Age.

The Stone Age just ends. 

That's how it was for us.

Then along came the next 'Age'.

That one's the Leaf Age or Twig Age or something.

What IS the next 'Age' called?

The Mud Age, I think. 

I should remember...


I was born in the Stone Age.