Friday, 25 March 2016

Voice from inside an academy

"I have recently left my job working in an academy as I could no longer cope with the way students are treated. From entering the building every aspect of being a teenager is drained from them. Their human rights are ignored, their choice of which subjects they have an interested in is limited and if they express an interest in a practical career they are made to feel like a second class citizen.

All academies want is students that they can brainwash into fitting the A* - C category in academic subjects - this results in better figures for the academy. Students are pressured to chose the subjects the academy want them to do with no concern as regards what the student wishes to chose as a career. This results in students not being able to get the right results to go to college or university to study a career choice of their own - but as long as the academy looks good they do not care.

Academies have so many principals, regional CEO's, assistant principals etc etc all on huge wages that there is more Chiefs than Indians - all these wages are taking away the funds from the schools and the students. In the academy chains funds are "moved" around as they see fit which has resulted in detriment to one school that is out of favour to the benefit of a school ( in a completely different county) getting a cash sum to their benefit. 

The governors in each academy are puppets for show, the main governing body of the academy chain over rules everything to the benefit of the fat cats sat at the top counting their wages and expenses. 

I know all the above after working within an academy, and being a governor, for over 6 years. I am caught in a situation of being sued due to a contract clause if I speak out but i am distraught at the thought of all schools and the countries future youngsters going through what I have seen and know goes on in academies.

I am sorry to rattle on but if there is anyway I can assist or advice you could give I would appreciate it.

Obviously I need to stay anonymous as I cannot afford to be taken to court due to being the only bread winner in my family."

[received today]