Saturday 11 June 2016

Monologues - for your class: watching/writing/performing/exploring the genre

Over the years I've done several teacher monologues:

The Outing

The Register

Primary School Assembly

Dinner Hall.

You could have fun with children, school students (KS3?) where they could do any of the following:

a) adapt mine

b) make up their own

c) perform mine

d) perform their own

e) discuss 'what is the monologue?'

f) explore other monologues e.g. Shakespeare soliloquies, Browning's dramatic monologues, Eminem, Adele, 'impressions' by comedians, etc e.g. Joyce Grenfell (from my childhood!)

You can see mine at this site:

The Outing:

The Register:

Primary School Assembly

Dinner Hall