Saturday 25 June 2016

Now's the time for making up myths

Now is the time for exaggerations
and generalisations
starting with the idea that
the whole nation voted one way or the other
when in fact it was 52:48.
(I didn't vote because I was no more prepared to
vote for a Europe with walls round it
than for a UK with walls round it)
Next up is to pretend that all the people
of this or that kind voted one way rather than other:
so: now we pretend that all old people voted one way
or all young people voted one way
or all working class people voted one way
or all northerners voted one way
or all southerners voted one way
or all Scots, or Welsh or Northern Ireland voted one way.
It's all journalistic rubbish
repeated by politicians with axes to grind.
It's one of the least generalisable elections
of all time.
But we have to listen to hours and hours
of people making up myths
talking porkies
in an attempt to prove the unprovable.
Today is a new day
and we still have to face how to fight austerity
and we still have to face how to fight those
who claim that life would be better if the UK
either restricted immigration or got rid of migrants.
False solutions coming from the mouths of
false prophets,
claiming to be on the side of 'the people'
even as they do all they can to impoverish
'the people'
claiming to be against elites
even as they themselves come from the elite.