Thursday 6 September 2018

We do it for you

Hi, we’ve noticed that you’ve been listening

to a lot of radio and watching a lot of TV recently.

Good choice! But guess what, from now on, you

don’t have to. Our trained listeners and viewers

can do it for you. It’s simple, it’s cheap,

it’s convenient. This is how it works:

You get up in the morning, and if you’re anything

like the rest of us, your head feels heavy, you’re

dying for that coffee, you can’t bear the sound of

anything buzzing in your ear. One thing you

really don’t want is to hear radio. What we do

is send someone over to your house and we

take your radio into another room, switch it on

and listen for you. Then, when it’s time for you

to move on to your other tasks - whatever they

are - we just leave. It’s as simple and as easy

as that. Again, come evening, maybe you think

you’ve got to switch on that radio, watch that TV

sitting in the corner of your living room. No!

Not anymore. We can do it for you. Yes, round we

come, and do the job. You can go off and do

anything you like, and you have absolute peace

of mind that someone is listening to your radio and

watching your TV. And - here’s the coolest part -

we don’t tell you anything at all about what’s been

on! Imagine that! You will have no idea at all what

all that radio and TV has been going on about.

And we’re not just one-shot jonnies. This is a

24-hour service, our listeners and viewers

will be with you within minutes.

C’mon. Give us a try. You know you want to.