Sunday 30 November 2014

New Poem: Doughnut

I was having something to eat with a friend of mine.

He took a doughnut out of his bag and started to

eat it. I wanted to know how many people in the world

were biting a doughnut. They would have to be real

doughnuts not doughnut-like things, like you get in

France and Germany. I thought two and a half

million. My friend said maybe ten million, bearing in

mind it was daytime in the USA. I used to like

doughnuts. I haven’t eaten one for twenty years.

My friend ate his doughnut, scrumpled up the paper

bag and asked me if I had a tissue to wipe his mouth.

I said, ‘I always have a tissue somewhere on me but I

haven’t used a tissue for wiping my mouth after eating

a doughnut for more than twenty years.’

He said, ‘Really?’