Wednesday 12 November 2014

Sec State for Educ. in mouth-open-rubbish-jumps-out routine

Hello, I'm the Secretary of State for Education. I'm not sure why I've got this job but, hey, it'll do for the time being. As I was privately educated I know all about education. As I have a degree in how to be a bureaucrat and/or a policy wonk, I can tell other people what to do even though I know nothing about it. My predecessor was very abrasive so our people told him that he was a toxic and he's gone off to muck things up elsewhere.

I'm nice. So I'm going to say things in a nice way. I don't have to listen to anyone except my bosses. I don't have to listen to teachers, researchers, parents, students or children. I can just sound off. So long as I do it nicely. Here's me talking about something that I know absolutely nothing about. Enjoy.

Education secretary Nicky Morgan has warned young people that choosing to study arts subjects at school could “hold them back for the rest of their lives”.