Friday 21 November 2014

UKIP: immigrants 'welcome' or not?

If I was someone who thought that it would be a good idea to 'send immigrants home' , would I think that UKIP might do that for me?


Why would I think that?

Because of many comments that UKIPers have said about immigrants e.g. Farage complaining about the Romanians talking on the train to Reckless's comments about 'looking sympathetically' at those who've been here a long time and/or might do his plumbing.

So if I was someone who thought UKIP was going to 'sort out immigration' what would I make of Reckless saying that European migrants are 'welcome'?

Does this mean that UKIP are going to let me down?

Or does it mean that UKIP give everyone a big nod, to say, yes we are anti-immigrant, er…we can't say that totally openly…but actually if we get into power, we'll get down to work shipping people out…????