Monday 12 January 2015

"Dear Mr Netanyahu"….

This was posted on one of my threads by Ray Sirotkin:

"Dear Mr Netanyahu,

Thank you for the invitation to live in Israel, a right I have had since birth in London, but a right not afforded to Palestinian people who were born inside Israel.

I have lived in Britain during my lifetime and am happy to live in France. I know they are both imperialist countries and have a lot to learn about how to treat immigrants, black people and indeed Jews. 

As a Jew, what is nice about living in these two imperfect countries is that I can rent or buy a house without turning families off their land and I do not feel like a settler, but simply an equal.
I don't know whether I can expect to live long enough till the day 
comes when Palestinians are treated as well as I am in Britain or France by friends who are Jewish, black, white, Muslim or simply British or French. I do know that i wouldn't entertain the idea of being in Israel until Israel embarks on a course of establishing equality for all who live there and in the occupied territories."