Saturday 24 January 2015

Protocol with Abdullah funeral is just 'our national interest'

Let's remember our leaders' 'protocol' of attending King Abdullah's funeral and flying the union flag at half-mast, when our leaders tell us next time what's wrong with one kind of country that happens to be their target at the time (Iran, North Korea, Cuba etc). In other words, we really have to remember that all our leaders' statements about what's right and wrong are really comments about political expediency. So when they say they are against 'beheadings', say, they really mean that they are against the beheadings they don't like, but they'll put up with beheadings in a country which is in our "national interest" to support. Same goes for "human rights" or "freedom" and all the other things they pretend are absolutes, and bottom-line things.
In fact, for them, it's all relative, all contingent on their alliances, which are in turn means by which they try to get advantage over other countries in a world based on competition. A world based on competition is in reality a slavery contest: who can enslave the masses the best i.e. who can employ the majority in their respective countries at the lowest level of payment.