Sunday 11 September 2016

Here is the evidence for how Read Write Inc training has switched to 'mixed methods'

Teacher's note to me about the Ruth Miskin, Read Write Inc training.

" I had training end of July and then get writing top up last week. Only last lot said children can take real reading book home to read alongside rwi book. The suggested reading books are to be read to the children in class but def told they can take them home and read."

My commentary:

This represents a shift. Taking a 'real reading book' home (as opposed to a phonically regular ReadWriteInc book) will inevitably involve children in reading through using other methods than phonic decoding. This is at heart what is meant by 'mixed methods'.

I have seen no announcement by Ruth Miskin or anyone at Read Write Inc about why or how they have moved to this position. But it is a change. And an important one.