Monday 5 September 2016

Squeaky-bum time in Tory-land

It's all getting squeaky-bum in Tory land:
1. Over decades, Tories play race card trying to hoover up xenophobic votes rather than explain that immigration is paying pensions and providing services e.g. Thatcher and 'swamped'.
2. Tories never explain that EU migration is non-negotiable and applies equally to Brits abroad who benefit from it.
3. Tories think they can swing a 'remain' vote in order to isolate Brexiteers because it's been their permanent split.
4. Brexiteers succeed in getting a lot of votes purely on basis of saying that Brexit means fewer immigrants, therefore your standard of life will go up. The fact that this is a lie, is hardly countered by anyone.
5. A non-Brexit PM takes over, who immediately realises that she can't and won't and doesn't want to deliver a change in immigration policy. Presumably, she thinks she can ride out the storm when the anti-immigration people notice - perhaps by yet more xenophobic crap and 'slapping down' on something or other.
6. for the record: standards of living are lowered by governments in league with big business fixing wage rates, cutting services, introducing zero hour contracts, and phoney self-employed status, not building social housing, privatising services, whilst allowing trillions of unpaid tax to be taken out of the country. They are not lowered by migrants. If employers don't pay minimum wages that's because employers do that and are not locked up for doing it.