Sunday 18 September 2016

More news from the land of purges in the Labour Party

This is NOT my story. It's by someone who put this post up on Facebook.

"So I've been given the boot from the Labour Party for 'inappropriate comments' on social media. People employed by Labour have been through my Facebook and Twitter and cite one tweet over 18 months ago (before I was a member) where I call Tristram Hunt a "f**king tw*t" during the Andrew Marr show. The tweet received no likes or retweets so I am essentially being expelled for shouting at the TV.
Meanwhile Labour MPs are allowed to openly attack Corbyn and us supporters calling us all sorts - bullies (Angela Eagle), anti-Semites and Nazi apologists (John Mann), in need of heart transplants (Blair) and Jess Phillips wants to stab Jeremy Corbyn in the front. I could go on.

On Thursday social media was full of Labour MPs cheering on Tory MP Ann Soubry calling John McDonnell 'a nasty piece of work'.
Then there's Owen Smith ally and former Blair spin doctor, John McTernan who, after being asked to tidy his desk at work, threatened a junior member of staff saying "C*nt, you will be c*nted" in a reply-all email to the office.

Tristram Hunt, is amongst other things, the man who told Oxbridge students that 'the top 1 per cent' must take back the leadership of Labour.
He and his like have spent the last year not politically engaging but plotting, scheming and using every lever they still have a hand on in the party and the media to character assassinate Corbyn and his supporters. They have hired PR companies to bad mouth him, they have banned branch meeting of the membership who overwhelmingly support him.

Yet in a hangover haze I say, in simple accessible language, what millions think to no one on social media and I get kicked out.

I probably shouldn't have chosen the expletives I did to describe Tristram Hunt, but I don't see them purging the right for the same thing.