Friday 6 April 2012

Learning to read: Story 7

" I cannot remember a time when I couldn't read, although I can remember the days when people seemed surprised that I could, when I would spell out a word from a newspaper and ask my mum what it meant .
She was a lone parent in the 50s and spent hours reading to me, pointing at the words as she did. I'm told that I was fluent at three. I can certainly remember being bored to bits chanting with the class as the teacher turned the big book pages (yes, even then!)
I brought up my own son to love books, in the mid 1980s but as soon as he started school he refused to do anything, as he had to bark his way through a matchbox full of words before being allowed near the sacrosanct "Reading Books."
Thank goodness he rediscovered it as he started Middle School. (And there lurks another discussion...) "

(from facebook)