Sunday 29 April 2012

World economic situation: how it was sorted

Credit Card: Well, we've got plastic money in place, everyone can borrow money.So that's sorted. Now who's sorting out the thing to do with everyone having enough money to pay the monthly bill?
Mortgage: Not me. Nothing to do with me. What I've been doing is making sure that everyone can have a house. Everyone should have a house. Well, I say 'have', but it's not actually 'having'. We 'have' it while they pay the mortgage. Well, I say, 'pay' but only if they have enough money. Do you sort that?
Credit Card : No, not me.
Mortgage: Oh. So who is sorting that?
Credit card : I' really sure. Does it matter very much?
Mortgage : I suppose not.
Credit Card : Good. That's sorted then.