Tuesday 10 April 2012

Poets, poems, performances, ideas, websites

If you are interested in helping children write poetry - or indeed write anything, it's my firm belief that the best place to start is with writers and their writing.

1. James Carter is a poet, former lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Reading and is a peripatetic teacher, workshop leader, INSET trainer. His website is here:


Ten years ago he published a book on creative writing (one of several) and it's now reappeared as  Just Imagine, Music,images and text to inspire creative writing' published as a David Fulton Book by Routledge (2012).

The book, 'Just Imagine' is A4 format, 154 pages with a CD and illustrations.

If you go to his website you can see (and hear) what he's about, and find his other books aimed at teachers and children, including of course a list of his poetry books.

2. Roger Stevens is a poet, author, musician and artist. His website is here:


He founded the prize-winning site The Poetry Zone. Here's the link:


The Poetry Zone publishes poems by children, interviews writers and much more like this page of other sites for poetry and children's writing:


3. Here's The Poetry Station, a website run by the English and Media Centre. The Poetry Station is a web-based, poetry video channel, full of poets performing their own poems - and more:


4. Here's my website:


If you click on 'videos' - there are 92 videos there of me performing my poems. If you click on 'For Adults' and scroll down to 'Articles by me', you'll find articles I've written about poetry and writing.