Friday 6 April 2012

Learning to read: Story 9

"I like how you describe reading and re-reading with young children (in ' False logic of decoding vs reading for meaning'). I work with secondary SEN students teaching literacy and the most effective way I have found for increasing reading accuracy is 'Paired Reading' which works on that same principle of modelling and re-reading, with no stopping to try and sound out words. It's all about fluency and enjoyment and following the storyline - it also helps with expression and confidence. I've read some very positive research about it (American). There are 3 stages - read a small para to the student; student and reader read same bit again together; student reads same bit on own. If the student reads the same word 6 times they are likely to be able to read it as sight vocabulary. Use a text with several words the student can't already read. I keep a note of about 6 new words and play a game with them at the end by writing them on the board and randomly pointing at them, awarding ticks/points - by the end they can usually read all of them. "

from facebook