Friday 29 January 2016

Anti-Corbyn agendas

Tory agenda re Corbyn:

"This man threatens our positions of gross privilege, revolving door careers, sweetheart deals over taxation, core alliances between the monarchy, the Conservative Party, the Church, the monocultural state, networks of old boy associations, and our relentless drive to remove state provision of anything. So, when we attack him for his haircut, beard, jumper, bike, previous relationships - or anything really, we don't really give a damn about any of that.What we're doing is shoring ourselves up, by trying to ridicule and eliminate this threat to our positions. Privilege, our privilege must be maintained at all costs. If it means being insulting to different parts of the population at different times, that's no problem. Machiavelli was right. It's vital to have sections of the public hating each other. We are the beneficiaries because we stay put that way. "

Centre and centre-right Labour agenda re Corbyn:

"We have no idea whether the Corbyn approach is or is not electable but we will do whatever we can to make sure it's not. Whether we stage a coup now or later is only a matter of timing. We are pretending we are not at war with the membership over this, which we do by talking over the top of their heads to people we kid ourselves are our friends in the media. This is because we have very short memories and can't remember that it was only weeks ago in the pre-corbyn era, the media savaged every aspect of us, whether that was tripping up on a beach, eating bacon sandwiches, or mucking around with low-band taxation. But we can't remember any of this. What we plan is to change the constitution of the Labour Party again, so that we can guarantee our return to the leadership which we are entitled to. If necessary we will do all we can to sabotage Corbyn's efforts to win any elections between now and including the next general election."