Friday 29 January 2016

Refugee problem solved

"Hey you! Are you on your own? 
Do. You. Understand. Me? 
How old are you? What? What? Fine. 
But are you on your own? 
Right. Good. 
I'm going to give you an arm band. 
Hold your arm still. That means you're coming with us. 
You're going to be very happy. 
People will take photos of you. 
Make sure you look at the camera and smile. 
It's very important that you smile. 
And good people are going to meet you when we get to Britain. One of them is called David. 
David Cameron. 
Make sure you smile when you meet him. 
That's very important. 
look happy whenever any of us get anywhere near you. 
Do you like Haribo sweets? 
Good. Here's one. 
Keep the armband on, OK?"