Saturday 9 January 2016

We all need Doctors. What we don't need are Junior Doctors.

We all need doctors. The thing is, what we don't need are Junior Doctors. Doctors are brilliant, hard-working, brave, overworked people who save lives. Junior Doctors are greedy, deluded and destructive people, who have let themselves become controlled by a small group of Trotskyites who jeopardise the security of the country. I love Doctors. I once went to see a Doctor. So did my wife. And my children. They made us better. That's the kind of work that Doctors do. I once saw a Junior Doctor in a car park outside a hospital. Why wasn't she in the hospital? That's what you get with Junior Doctors. One moment they're in the hospital, the next they're in the Car Park. Small wonder we need to close Accident and Emergency departments. I think we need the NHS 24/7. The Junior Doctors don't. They would rather be in the Car Park. I've always loved and admired doctors. My wife too. I've got a bad foot.