Saturday 9 January 2016

How I entrapped Corbyn

You may have seen a blog which I inadvertently wrote and put up on the BBC website. It concerned an incident in which I posed as a tailor and approached Jeremy Corbyn with the offer of a suit. Unbeknownst to Corbyn, I was carrying a camera on my person and the whole incident was filmed. I said to Corbyn that I was a fan of his but felt that his appeal could be broadened if he wore a suit. Corbyn said that I should put it in writing but I pressed him and said that I just wanted to show him my catalogue and that I could offer him a very good deal. He laughed, said that he was glad of my support and took the little pack of samples. I called after him, 'So it's a deal?' He smiled. I said, 'Are you glad I support you?' He said, 'Yes.'

Back in the cutting room, we cut this together as, 'So it's a deal?' 'Yes.' and viewers could see him taking the pack of samples, and we put this out on our politics comedy show, 'The Westminster Bubble' and it's brilliant because in PMQ, Cameron made a joke about Corbyn's suit. Fantastic.

Anyway, I pulled down this blog, because it might give the impression that there was some kind of entrapment going on, or that we creating news rather than reporting it. Some Corbynistas and their hangers-on have objected to the item but I'm glad to say that the BBC has defended our right to do it. After all, Corbyn needs a suit and he didn't say that he didn't want a suit.

Looking good for 'The Westminster Bubble'. Don't forget to keep watching!