Sunday 10 January 2016

"I'm hating being on television..." Unknown MP resigns from committee that no one's heard of.

You won't know me, but I am a member of a parliamentary Labour sub-committee that you've never heard of and it gives me enormous pain to say that I'm going to have to resign. I'm afraid, here I am on television and if there's one thing I really didn't want to do, it's come on television. I'm hating being on television. I really am. Later, "The Westminster Bubble' show is going to be covering this, which I think is an excellent thing because this matter of me being unknown and a member of a committee you haven't heard of really needs to be aired. It's a major news item and shows just how deeply divided the Corbynistas have made our beloved Labour Party. In fact, the people who run the 'The Westminster Bubble'  are good honest people who have no vested in interest in saying that the Labour Party is deeply divided and the group I belong to, - called 'Suspect' - have no vested interest or ulterior motive in talking about a divided Labour Party. The whole thing makes me very sad. Could I just say hello to my mother?