Saturday 9 January 2016

My position as head of the BBC's flagship politics programme...

My position as head of the BBC's flagship politics programme 'The Westminster Bubble' has come into question. I am proud of my involvement in grassroots politics right from when I was a young man. I and my sister were members of 'Tory Tyros' - an activist youth organisation promoting Tory values. At university, I was member of a Tory student group called 'Conservatives Serve' and following that I am very proud to have served under the then Minister for British Values Sir Brampton Bampton KCG as his private secretary, and election agent.

As the now executive producer on 'The Westminster Bubble' I fail to see why anyone would question my impartiality, particularly in relation to the recent allegations concerning the 'tailor' incident in which we appeared to entrap Jeremy Corbyn into taking the offer of a free suit from one of our intrepid reporters, Michael Rosen.

As I've made clear, this was not in breach of any BBC guidelines. Corbyn clearly needs a new suit and if he appeared to admit that on air and accept the offer, that's a matter for him and his terrorist colleagues to discuss.

My sister is the present Minister for Times Tables. Long may she and they prosper.