Saturday 23 January 2016

SATs homework booklet 'Reading' gets poetry wrong

Loving SATs-type homework booklet on 'Reading' which asks things about the 'writer' in poems. 

Hello: the 'I' of a poem is not 'the writer'.

The 'I' of a poem is the 'I' of a poem. It's the 'I' the writer has created and all we know about 'I' is what the poem shows the 'I' to be doing.

Pathetic SATs homework booklets asks how the 'writer keeps warm'. But it's 'I' keeping warm.That 'I' could be anyone.

Poetry is ventriloquism.

Even as SATs homework booklet thinks it's teaching children how to 'understand' poems, it's in fact getting it wrong.

It's also laughable crap.