Friday 9 March 2012

Campaign to Stop People Saying Horrid Things About Eric Joyce

Good evening. The great MP Eric Joyce who made many heroic appearances on TV explaining why Tony Blair was right to arrange the killing of millions of Iraqis is now facing another big challenge: stopping people saying horrid things about him. Though it's true that Eric was a little robust in the House of Commons Bar, I believe we should all stand firmly behind him. God knows we need to be firm about that, or he'll end up on the floor all over again. We need heroes like Eric who can stand up for what they believe even if they can't stand up in a bar.

Everywhere I look, I see people taking crude pot shots at this great man. Now a magistrate has joined in, victimising him with a vicious and cruel sentence of a community order and a weekend curfew. He has even been hit with a massive fine worth several days of his work. When will this unfair treatment end?

Meanwhile, a veritable torrent of rumour, innuendo and cheap sneer has filled the pages of the cheap press. now.

I say, stand up for Eric. Support him and if you hear someone saying horrid things about them - deck'em. And do it the Eric way: do it when you're drunk.

We must do all we can to make sure that Eric stays in his job. We need MPs like him who are brave and utterly reliable. That's to say we can rely on him to get plastered. That's integrity.

Eric Joyce - hero.