Friday 2 March 2012

Concerning Rupert Murdoch's donkey

Could I please make clear that some of my earlier statements about Mr Murdoch's donkey have not been strictly correct. If people came to understand that 'Plops', Mr Murdoch's donkey, was not ever ridden by me or any member of my family, then I have to say I must correct that view. Plops is a very endearing little donkey who has seen better times. She lives on a farm owned by the maid of one of the senior executives at News Corporation. It is however a farm which News Corporation made available to senior police officers for holidays and stag parties. Plops was a highly popular inhabitant of the farm and it is true to say that on a night when a very enjoyable evening had been had by certain members of News Corp, the Metropolitan Police and myself, some of us found ourselves in the field where Plops was wont to graze. At this point, I have no strict recollection of what happened but I have it on very good authority that I rode backwards on Plops in a state of some deshabille.

So, yes, on an evening which I would prefer to forget, I did indeed ride Mr Murdoch's donkey. I apologise again if people had the impression that I didn't know or indeed care about dear Plops.