Sunday 25 March 2012

I am resigning over this matter

I would like to make it clear that though I was filmed by a group of children's book critics posing as bank managers, it is entirely not true that I would have been able to get them access to the Bear or anyone in the family who appear in the book 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'.  Though it's possible to see me on film appearing to make that suggestion, this was really nothing more than bluster. The funds I mentioned would indeed have gone into another fund known as 'Bear Hunt' but this fund is entirely separate from the funds accruing to the book from sales.

I am extremely sorry that I have embarrassed the Bear and the family none of whom knew anything about my suggestions that I could have given this bogus group of children's book critics access to him.

'Bear Hunt' is a healthy and entirely honest organisation involved in winning support for the best policies towards bears, austerity measures and Academies.

Some people have suggested that having a meal with the Bear would enable guests to influence policies to do with bears, austerity measures, hedge funds, oil prospecting and Academies. I can reassure the public that this is not the case. I can. Yes.

Thank you.