Thursday 1 March 2012

My position as a police officer in relation to News Corp

Though it is true that I was acquainted with several senior figures at News Corporation and several editors and journalists at various News Corporation publications, it can not be assumed that I did or did not discuss with them ongoing and procedural matters pertaining to this case. To suggest that I was 'bent' or 'in the pay of' News Corporation' is a pernicious slur and my wife and family are suffering greatly. Yes, it is true that on several occasions I received hospitality from News Corporation but this was an act of friendship between people who shared similar interests. To suggest that my acceptance of a week's holiday in Malibu or a case full of Glennfiddick affected my judgement as to whether wrongdoing was taking place is absurd. Indeed, some have suggested that the mere acceptance of these kind gifts was in itself reprehensible. I put it you, have we reached a point in public life where we can't give each other presents any more?

It has been pointed out on several occasions that a file was put in front of me containing the names of certain people who may or may not have had their phones hacked. Perhaps people in the media are not aware of the kinds of pressures people like me are under. Every day of my life, I've worked hard to preserve law and order and simply because someone puts a list of names on my desk doesn't necessarily lead to my dropping everything else. To suggest that the gifts of the holiday in Malibu and the case of Glennfiddick blinded my judgement on this matter is again a vile slur against my character and my wife and family are suffering in the face of it.

I am glad that all these matters are being investigated and brought to light. However, we should always remember that our liberties are not only hard fought, they have to be defended. Every day, attempts are made to curtail the freedoms we have won, and it is only through the swift and thorough actions of this force which has quietly and efficiently preserved them. I put it to you that there are moments in a democracy when we become better able to investigate ourselves than we are to investigate those who would jeopardise our way of life.

Out there, the world is full of commie bastards, bearded muslims, paedophiles and hippy bastards milling around our great cathedrals. What the fuck are you doing hounding me and my lovely family, when you should be chasing those shits till their eyeballs pop and we've got every bloody one of them banged up.

I would like to thank all concerned for having set up this enquiry and I commend its thoroughness.

Thank you very much.