Thursday 10 December 2015

Back in the room with Blair

You know that moment when hypnotists on TV say
'And you're back in the room'?
And the people who were hypnotised don't remember
anything of what they saw or did?
It's like that with me and Tony Blair.
He comes on TV and the moment I see his face
and hear his voice, it's as if he's just said,
'And you're back in the room.'
and I've forgotten all about the dodgy dossier
I've forgotten all about the war in Iraq
I've forgotten all about the deaths
he is just
saying really interesting things about
how good it all was when he was in charge.
I look at him and think,
'I'm back in the room...
and whatever he said was the problem with Iraq
it's better there now
and whatever he might say is the problem with anywhere
in the world
will be better if we drop bombs on it,
I'm back in the room
and ready to listen to him,
I'm back in the room.