Thursday 31 December 2015

William Morris on Oliver Letwin - well, kind of...

Another context, another time. Here is William Morris talking in 1877. Think Oliver Letwin:

"Working men of England, one word of warning yet: I doubt if you know the bitterness of hatred against freedom and progress that lies at the hearts of a certain part of the richer classes in this country; their newspapers veil it in a kind of decent language; but do but hear them talking amongst themselves, as I have often, and I know not whether scorn or anger would prevail in you at their folly and inso­lence. These men cannot speak of your order, of its aims, of its leaders, without a sneer or an insult; these men, if they had the power (may England perish rather!) would thwart your just aspirations, would silence you, would deliver you bound hand and foot forever to irresponsible capital."