Sunday 6 December 2015

The deadly terrifying threat of murderous Corbyn supporters

"One of the most deadly, terrifying things ever to have
happened to anyone ever, 
is the sight of gangs of screaming, murderous,
dervish-like Corbyn-supporters, demanding
that people like me should stop supporting the bombing of Syria.

Let's get this straight, 
bombing Syria is good, wholesome, clean and kind.
Of course people will be killed.
These will be ISIS-IS-ISL-Daesh people or Daesh-ISL-ISIS-IS people
or IS-Daesh or ISL-ISIS who we have
They are easy to identify. They are fascists.
Fascists like the ones in Spain in 1936.
Or Nazis in Germany in 1933.
Or in Italy
Or in Chile with Pinochet. 
That's what ISL-IS-Dash are.
Just the same. No difference.
We British got rid of them. 
Well, OK, not in Spain but that's different.
And not Pinochet either, actually. 
But that's different too and I don't want to go into that just now.
Please don't interrupt.
And OK we didn't get rid of the Nazis entirely on our own.
Some others helped us. 
A bit.
Not very much. 

Anyway, we were freedom fighters then
fighting for the freedom of the British Empire
which was entirely free for everyone in the 
British Empire - Africa, India, West Indies, 
all free. 
And we defended that. 

We fought for freedom in Iraq
when we were threatened by Weapons of Mass Destruction.
Are there any Weapons of Mass Destruction there now?
And there are a lot fewer people there.
That's thanks to us too.

And that's the kind of thing we're defending now.

Apart from Corbyn and his terrorist supporters.
When we kill with our planes
that is good, kind killing because 
the only people that will be killed 
will be the Nazi-Daesh-ISL-Franco-ISIS thing, 
unlike the foul, despicable terrorism of Corbyn's supporters
which is jeopardising the very heartbeat of democracy.

We will not waver.
We are valiant for truth.