Wednesday 16 December 2015

Refugees are the new bad people

Refugees are the new bad people.
We always need bad people.
We love having bad people.
We wouldn't be able to get by without bad people.
We like having bad people in newspaper headlines.
We like having bad people talked about on the radio.
Bad people make us feel better than them.
We are glad we are good and they are bad.
People come on TV and tell us that they are
going to deal with the bad people.
They are going to stop the bad people.
They list what the bad people do
and it's all bad.
And there are always too many bad people
doing things that stop us doing good things.
So the people on the TV have plans for the bad people:
new laws are needed
new places to put the bad people
more people in uniform to make sure the bad people
don't spread.
This talk about bad people
makes us like the people who come on TV
to tell us these things.
We'll feel safer if these TV people are in charge.
C'mon, we say, deal with the bad people now
do bad things to the bad people
that's the way to show we are good
we have no choice
sometimes we just have to be bad to be good.