Sunday 10 April 2016

Cameron. Boris. Daily Mail. Money. Wooden Blocks. Towers. Tumble. Your Turn.

Something very odd is happening this morning. Right wing papers who put in a lot of time and energy explaining how it's rich people who make the world go round, it's rich people who 'give' poor people jobs, it's rich people who 'build' the economy, are busy seemingly complaining that Cameron is rich and used the legal levers in place to secure family wealth - something that rich people have been doing since Ancient Egypt and possibly before that. The papers who are saying this are owned and read by people who wouldn't under most circumstances think that anything is wrong with how much money Cameron has or how he came to get it and keep it. In fact, let's imagine a scenario this coming week, where Cameron is forced to step down, which of the Tory front bench is not going to have 'similar arrangements'?

In fact, many of their readers might well be thinking just that. So, all we can assume is that the reason for these headlines is that they've got in a huddle and decided that some kind of ticket involving Brexit and Boris is 'better'? Boris????!!!!! Can you imagine what Boris has got stowed away?????

There's a rule in politics that's something to do with that game you play where you pull the wooden blocks away from a tower of blocks and the one who pulls the block that pulls down the tower loses. At the moment, these papers are competing with each other to pull the blocks.

C'mon, the Mail's headline is about a 'tax dodge'!!!! It's owned by a non-dom. Even the Guardian, which has led on all this, has some tax 'arrangement'....

Wooden blocks. Towers. Your turn.