Friday 22 April 2016

Nicky Morgan fluffs more of the rules she enforces

Dear Nicky Morgan,

In the SPaG instructions I've got, it says that after fronted adverbials, the children must use a comma. You've written in your letter to Kevin Courtney (where you wrote 'sincerily' ) : 'I am sure that going forward we will have many more opportunities to discuss the White Paper...'

By my reckoning, 'I am sure that going forward' is a fronted adverbial, but you haven't put a comma after it.

I can conclude from this that

a) it doesn't matter or

b) it does matter but you don't know about this sort of thing, even though you are in charge of it all,

c) it's all a load of tosh anyway.

In the meantime, my children get to think it is really important,we have to teach it, because if we don't our school will be measured as inadequate, in which case, the only person who seems inadequate round here is you.

Best wishes, Michael.