Friday 22 April 2016

Ofsted screw up as they are trying to recruit

Dear Michael Wilshaw

Below is the text that Ofsted produced as part of their instructions to people wanting to become Ofsted inspectors. As you'll see, in line 3 there is a word 'excersise'.

You'll probably know that the Ofsted inspectors sent out into schools monitor teachers and children, and make assessments of how such things as spelling is taught. This is all done in the punitive framework of league tables and forced conversions.

You'll also know that we can't force you to convert to anything even when someone in your department fails to do what your department is set up to enforce.

How much longer do you think this ridiculous mess can last?

(By the way, I am told that on the first showing of this document the word 'assessment' was spelled 'assesment' too, so you can count that in to the mess too, if you like.)

ps I'm much less bothered by this sort of thing that you and Ofsted. I can see exactly what the writer meant here. It was just a typo, I suspect. Maybe one day, you or someone else in authority, will say something very simple: 'we all make mistakes'.

Before commencing the assessment please check that you can play the video below.
The assessment contains a video as part of the excersise and it is important to make sure you will be able to view it before commencing. This test video has no sound, but the actual assessment video will do - please ensure you have sound turned up on your computer and any speakers (if needed) switched on.
If you are unable to successfully view the test video, then before starting please ensure your web browser is up to date, and if you are still unable to view the test video then contact us via the help and support telephone number/email address.