Wednesday 20 April 2016

Pupils are in fact meat.

Ultimately, for people who view schools as 'performance factories' with 'performance' based on scores for right/wrong answers in tests, the children are not really 'pupils' or 'learners' they are meat. Good meat and poor quality meat.

If you want your butchers shop to be better than the butchers down the road, get rid of the poor quality meat. The local authority will come and collect it and give it to the dog meat factory.

Rebrand - and call yourself 'The Excellent Butcher'.

'Improve' the quality of meat you get from the supplier. Try to make sure no poor quality meat gets into your shop.

Take over the supplier. Tell them it's for their own good. Try to get them to chuck out their poor quality meat. The local authority might be able to give it to the sausage factory.