Friday 6 January 2017


Farage, Le Pen, Trump and May
o how they hate elites
no elites for them
They are the new revolutionaries
They are the new egalitarians
In no-elites Britain
there'll be no super-rich elites
no banking elites
no Oxbridge elites
no elites of experts
no old boy network elites
no inherited wealth elites
no old school tie elites
no private education elites
it's going to be an elite free zone

Not many people know that Trump Tower is a kind of people's palace
free for everyone, where no elites go, where people can just walk in and get their country back.
Elites aren't allowed in, because everyone in Trump Tower is kind of equal, it's a we're all in this together kind of place
where at long last we're being heard
and we don't have to bow down and say nice stuff
about immigrants, blacks, women, or the disabled,
so we're free of all that stuff in Trump Tower
in fact, it's a kind of free place, a free for all,
and Mexicans can't get into it either
and finally all those elites who didn't take notice of us
have had to take it that we're in charge now
Mr Trump
we've put him there
he's one of the people
one of the ordinary guys
not one of the elites
and he's in charge of the people's palace
which is why we're free.