Saturday 14 January 2017

Haringey selling off public property - largest of its kind in UK

[Notice put up on Facebook]

Folks in Tottenham/Haringey - There is a protest on Tuesday night Jan 17th at the Haringey Civic Centre 6-7 before the meeting of the scrutiny committee. This is against the largest proposed sell off of council owned property in the UK - in the region of over 2 Billion Pounds. If approved it will include the sale of Northumberland Park estate, Broadwater farm estate - with thousands and thousands of families affected. They will be, in the councils terms, "decanted" meaning they will be forced to leave and their homes will be demolished - we have no idea where they will be decanted to, no idea when or if they can return and no idea of the terms for rent when and if they return. This sell off includes, school lands, it includes health centres, a library, commercial properties. This is not only the biggest sell off of council land in London, it will be the biggest in the UK. I urge anyone who can attend to please get out to this demo - we need to keep the pressure on. This is the social and ethnic cleansing of Tottenham. It must be stopped dead.

Stop the Haringey Development Vehicle - protest at Haringey Civic Centre, Wood Green High Road, 6.00pm Tuesday 17th January.

Please share this post, we need numbers, this isnt just about tottenham it is about london and its about principles.