Thursday 12 January 2017

"We have to listen to people's concerns..."

We have to listen to people's concerns about women. When the decision was made to let them into the workplace, no one thought through the impact it would have in our towns and villages, what impact it would have on public services. Some schools have 50% girls in them. That's bound to have an effect. And women have their own way of talking. They need to learn how to talk like the rest of us. Meanwhile it's those on the lowest rung who are hit the hardest. Women undercut wages. They turn up in droves and down go the wages. I think we need a grown up conversation about this. Let's stop accusing people of sexism and address real concerns . I'm not anti women. I've got a wife, and she's a woman, how could I be against women? What I'm saying is if the Labour Party is going to survive we have to listen to what people are saying about women.