Friday 13 January 2017

GCSE Trying To Deal With Media Bullshit

GCSE Trying To Deal With Media Bullshit
Question 9:
Please put in order of severity of damage to lower income earners and unemployed on their standard of living (ie wages, benefits, rents, house prices, food prices, standard of public services all included in the words 'standard of living'). Feel free to put figures on these or words like 'a lot', 'not much', none, etc.

2008 crash
tax havens, tax avoidance, tax dodging
government enforced wage 'restraint'
cuts in public services
EU 'red tape'
house price hikes
free movement of people
profit hoarding (ie capitalists not investing in 'business')
spending on wars and armaments
disability sanctions
zero hour contracts
forcing people to go on to self-employed register
Jeremy Corbyn