Tuesday 3 January 2017

Illiteracy 'eradicated'. ("Would be" (Nick Gibb 2011) Has it?)

Are all 7 year olds in England literate?
Presumably this would have shown up in the KS1 SATs?

So I'll rephrase the question:

Did the KS1 SATs of 2016 show that all children are now literate?

(All 7 year olds in the state system in England will have done at least two years Systematic synthetic phonics and the claim was made in 2011 by Nick Gibb that this would 'eradicate illiteracy'.

I was there at the time.

The occasion was the launch of the Summer Reading Challenge which Nick Gibb was asked to launch. In fact he didn't launch the Challenge. He launched his phonics initiative.

I noted down his use of the word 'eradicate'.

Well, all 7 year olds will have had their 2 years of SSP now, so there shouldn't be any reason why illiteracy hasn't been eradicated.

Was there an announcement? Did I miss that? Has anyone done the number-crunching on the KS1 SATs? )